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The 1933 "Banker's Coup" was a ruse
The story that Wall Street bankers planned to overthrow FDR in 1933 still makes the rounds today The conspirators (members of the "American Liberty League") approached retired Major General Smedley Butler to use 500,000 veterans to remove FDR and become a Mussolini-like figure.
Smedley Butler was absolutely the LAST man you would approach if you were serious. The most decorated Marine in history, Butler recently had been forced to resign by Herbert Hoover for calling Mussolini a "mad dog" and warning that his fascist cohorts "were about to break loose in Europe." Butler refused to retract his remarks and thus became a national hero overnight
However, if you wanted someone to expose your coup as he did; (thought it "smacked of treason,") Butler was the go-to person.
Butler was touring the nation with the message that the bankers used the US army as "gangsters for capitalism" -- thugs and debt collectors: "Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints," Butler said. "The best he could do was .. operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents." ("War is a Racket" 1933)

Why would the bankers enlist their biggest critic unless they wanted to fail?

FDR was the scion of two Illuminati ( Swiss-German Templer's not Illuminatii ) i)families, the Delanos and the Roosevelts. He was related to a dozen US Presidents: four on the Roosevelt side and eight on the Delano side. He was a third cousin of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
FDR's mother's father, Warren Delano made a fortune in the opium trade. His father James Roosevelt was Vice President of a railway and director of several companies
FDR was a spoiled brat who always changed the rules to suit his whims. He was tutored privately, and failed law school but was allowed to enter the bar anyway. Like Barrack Obama,(ALSO Swiss Pharaoh) he never held a real job. In the 1920s, he helped float some stock market scams. As Governor and later President, he was extremely suggestible, evasive and shifty. Louis Howe created his public persona and did his thinking for him. Howe was FDR's "alter and wiser ego."
After his attack of encephalomyelitis, the Rockefellers gave him a health spa at Warm Springs, Georgia. They subsequently funnelled millions of dollars to FDR in the guise of charitable contributions to his "foundation."In Josephson's words, "Roosevelt was magnificently bribed to run for office. By the end of 1930, some $700,000 was poured into the coffers of the foundation .was the pathetic puppet of conspirators scheming the destruction of democracy and the establishment of an American monarchy."
In return, the US Treasury under FDR spent hundreds of millions bribing Saudi King Ibn Saud and building oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia to benefit Standard Oil.

Josephson said the basic doctrines of the Rockefeller Empire are "feudalistic monarchic government" ... "monopoly of every necessity of life and of national existence, and absolute dictatorship..."The rich must "divide and rule": " The people must be dealt with not as Americans but as minorities set at each other's throats, Labor vs. Capital, Black vs. White, Catholic vs. Protestant, Christian vs. Jew for e.g." He could have added male vs. female or homo vs hillbilly
Rich degenerate inbreeds running for President naturally pretend to defend the public good. Naturally, their banker-sponsors are willing to feign displeasure and opposition.
( LIKE TRUMP DID ) FDR learned the game from his cousin Theodore Roosevelt who pretended to be a "trust buster" while remaining a creation of the trusts and giving the country to them.

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( history is hate speech even when right after Bibi confirms in detail )
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Dispute claim: Anti-semitism crisis continues in Labour Party

The clip is used to demonstrate how 100% factual information regarding recorded verifiable history on past events can be used to manipulate a less well informed audience that the truth is some how an attack .......the complete video is 90 minutes and the subject is US History , specifically wall st & German industry ..its got nothing to do with politics religion or the Labour party . .they it seems have inserted themselves . I am not a member ..its not related ..theyre not involved .....its 1 man shouting anti Semite because he did not know the facts followed by the Israeli PM confirming the history in detail ...cant get less anti semitic than that surely . .

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