Anonymous - ISIS Be Warned - #OpDecryptISIS

Anonymous - ISIS Be Warned - #OpDecryptISIS Public


4 months
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#Anonymous #OpDecryptISIS
ISIS admin dox data leak DL:!a7RlAKoR!4ytucNH31zuA45xt4BZRuw!Dyx3GCwA

2015-2016 ISIS attacks by Anonymous:

Recent 2019 attack Feb 12th:


Hello there ISIS, Anonymous Legion here once again. Over the years we've made it very difficult for you to continue using the internet to recruit new members. This year we made another attack on your accounts and websites to remind you that the collective are all still here to DE-mask and expose your fuckery. Anonymous operatives had managed to hack nearly all of the admin ISIS accounts under Telegram and WhatsApp; who doxxed their personal data which we will leak in the link below.

This is the start of another year long operation to cripple ISIS communications, we will call it Operation Decrypt ISIS; we invite all Anonymous hackers to join us and assist the operation in our example. So ISIS members be warned, your anonymity will be destroyed. We will not tolerate Boko Haram, militant jihads, or any other group allying with Islamic State terrorism. As long as we hold dominion over the Darknet you will never be able to operate smoothly without us trolling you.

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
ISIS, you coward punk bitches should have expected us.


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