CiA Special Agent OCTOGON SS  Force  Multiplier  Ed Snowjob Jar2 REMIX

CiA Special Agent OCTOGON SS Force Multiplier Ed Snowjob Jar2 REMIX Public

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John Anthony Robles II Journalist US citizen in exile

Owner Editor JAR2.COM
The real leak site for 16 years

Permanent Record Edward Snowden Part One

Permanent Record Edward Snowden Part Two

2007 the CIA stationed you with diplomatic cover in Geneva in Switzerland
why did you join the CIA ?
I don't think I can actually answer that one okay



Conduct of Polygraph Examinations for Personnel Security Vetting

DNI Special Security Center
Policy & Strategic Planning

Thanks to Snordster for use of his video

transcript extract from German TV interview

if one looks to the little public data of your life one discovers that you
obviously wanted to join in May 2004 the special forces to fight in Iraq what
did motivate you at the time you know Special Forces looking at you in the very
moment means cream fighting and it means probably killing and did you ever get
to Iraq then

no I didn't get to Iraq
one of the interesting things about these Special Forces are that they're not
actually intended for direct combat they're what's referred to as a force
multiplier they're inserted behind enemy lines it's a squad that
has a number of different specialties in it and they teach and enable the local
population toresist or to support US forces in a waythat allows the local
population a chance to help determine their owndestiny and I felt that was an
inherently noble thing at the time in hindsight some of the reasons that we went
into Iraq were not well founding and and I think did a disservice to everyone

what happened to your adventure then did you go stay long with them or what's
happened to you now ?
I broke my legs when I was in training it was discharged so it was a
short adventure in

if we look back Special Forces CIA NSA it's not actually the description of
human rights activists or somebody who becomes a whistleblower afterwards
what happened
I think it tells a story and that's no matter how deeply an individual is
embedded in the government no matter how faithful to the government they are
no matter how strongly they believe in the causes of their government as I did
during the Iraq war people can learn people can discover the line between
appropriate government behavior and actual wrong doing and I think it became
clear to me that that line had been crossed

you've worked for the NSA through a private contractor with the name Booz Allen
Hamilton one of the big ones in the business what is the advantage for the
US government or the CIA to work through a private contractor to outsource
essential government function

after your revelations none of the European countries really offered
you Asylum where did you apply in Europe for asylum

I can't remember the list of countries with any specificity because
there were many of them but France Germany or definitely in there as was
the UK a number of European countries all of whom unfortunately felt that
doing the right thing was less important than supporting US political concerns

thank you very much for the interview
thank you yeah


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