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Hello everyone! We continue to fight for our very existence when in fact we should be enjoying unprecedented support and international attention.

When I started JAR2 the Internet was free and the idea was just to share things, a beautiful picture, a song, an interesting find, but today the Internet is what the original architects had planned for, a global corporate, military spy and control network, censored, monitored and used against you and I and every country in the world as a control grid for the Empire.

With the current unprecedented censorship and the almost complete and total control of the Internet by huge corporations all run by the same group of moneyed puppet masters in the shadows I may have expected more support but their instruments of marginalizing and the actual global smear campaign that we have been subject to has taken its toll on our audience although traffic is in fact up.

I am constantly told nobody cares, I am constantly reminded that I am the wrong race and I am constantly admonished to believe that there is nothing I can do to change anything or find justice, but I stubbornly and violently oppose such acquiescence to the New World Order and know that truth will prevail and it is the weapon that they are most afraid of.

There has been so much going on in the last few weeks that I would like to share a few things with all of you, after all that is why I am here.

Russian Protests

The regional and local Russia-wide elections are over and so is the Western Color Revolution meddling in Russia’s internal affairs. As a supporter of the original Occupy Movement, Globalism, the New World Order, the real Anonymous and real protest actions against the 1% and NATO expansion, among others, it may seem strange that I would be against protests in Moscow which are promoted and endlessly reported on in the Western Press as being noble causes. The problem is that these are not grass roots actions and the very nature of the protests in Moscow were another attempt at instigating a Color Revolution.

This round has seen the Russian State much better prepared and much more in control of the situation as the Color Revolution architects become more and more sophisticated. The protestors were imported into Moscow for the most part and in reality almost nobody could say what they were in fact protesting. I explain it all in the reports linked to below with comments and news starting from the very beginning back in June. Comments in English, news in Russian. Please use a Google translation or other plug in to read the Russian.

This round saw a complete and total failure of the 5th column with money trails exposed back to Germany and the USA ($4 billion dollars at minimum) and all of the figurants identified, detained, questioned and/or arrested.

The fallout saw electronic voting commit hari-kari, an attack on the head of the Federal Election Commission, the resignation of CIA Color Revolution Architect Jon Huntsman who also failed in Hong Kong and one by one the 5th column escaping to the USA. Navalny and Sobol who attempted to get on the ballot while not being able to gather enough signatures are in the USA right now, leaving behind all of their supporters and campaign employees to be arrested and sent to prison on their own. The US “Deep State” put 4 billion dollars of funds stolen by Browder et al back into Russia and the sources were uncovered. Investigations are ongoing into money laundering operations by Navalny and his entire Network.

In related news the CIA burned Smolenkov to hide a deeper mole and Snowden is attempting to fabricate an exit plan as his entire support network has all but been decimated, the “young” 5th column he was supposed to “lead” is wiped out and the money trails he was sent to hide have been discovered.

The Navalny Network

Navalny was the Guaido of Russia. During the last presidential election he pretended he was running and kept an election office open even though he was not on the ballot. We have helped expose his entire Network.

Snowden the CIA Media Avatar Activated

Distracting from the failed 5th column and the above.

The Trump Dossier

Rockefeller clan Greenberg family Yaccov Greenberg (Applebaum) who makes apps for the NSa and serves MOSSAD, helped expose all of the figures behind the Trump Dossier while attempting to run a Limited Hangout protecting MOSSAD, the Globalists and the Clinton Crime Cartel. Brilliant research also exposing the “tools” they use.

Benjamin Mileikowski (Netanyahu) is out with even more radical Zionists coming in (if that is possible) and Trump continues to slam around the world terrorizing humanity about World War III which will never happen as Russia has the strategic advantage and even the Patriot Missile shield is completely ineffective.

Rothschild now has the Triumvirate of puppets he wanted in the form of: Trump (1992 bailout), Macron (former Rothschild Banker) and Johnson (Rothschild’s locally funded wanker) and will continue destabilizing the world and profiting from both sides of the equation which is what he and the Soros freaks do so well.

We published the Epstein files released by the judge and the next day he was killed to protect the entire FBI/CIA/MOSSAD blackmail 9/11 cover up and blackmail operation.

The genocides of American Indians, Arabs, Rohingya and all of us “brown people” continues worldwide as they New World Order continues to spread racist hate across the planet planning for their Agenda 21 wipe out.

The scary thing is even 9/11 will look like a picnic if they get their way. World War III over Persia? They can’t. As we reported in 2013 Iron Dome and the NATO/US ABM shields are useless. Then for the inability for their radar to see around the curvature of the Earth, now because they have nothing whatsoever to stop Hypersonic missiles, now in the possession of the Russian Federation. Is Russia threatening the USA? No. However NATO continues to attempt to surround and destroy Russia.

Wonderful! (((



PS My job is bringing you the truth which is hard knowing you all may not like it but that is it.


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