Jews money trail. Trump, Putin, Chabat Lubavich, CIA,  money laundering connection Part 2

Jews money trail. Trump, Putin, Chabat Lubavich, CIA, money laundering connection Part 2 Public


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Moishe Bond Part 2
The Steven D Kelley Show on every Thursday night at 10pm EST
Felix Sater, Moishe Bond... Chabad Russian Mafia partner of Donald Trump, who say's "he does not know him".
We talk about his life, his connections, the Mueller report, and the history of the Russian mafia, and all the money laundering. This show you don't want to miss, so much information that we may need 2 shows to cover it all. Prepare to take notes!
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VTB Bank
Steve Wynn
Sheldon Adelson
Tom cotton
Michael Calvey
Boris Nemtsov
Maria Butina
Steven Cohen
Bernie Madoff
Roman Abramovich
Boris Berezovsky
Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Simon, David Rueben
Ivanka Trump
Jared Kushner
Ed Medvinsky
Carter Page
Lev Leviev
Artfield Group Ltd
88 Queensway Group
Sam Pa
Lo Fung Hung
Sergie Rakhinov
Cuntera-Caruna mafia clan
Kirill Dmitrier
We build the wall
Gsry Cohn
William Bill Barr
John Durham
Roger Stone
Roy Cohn
Rudy Giuliani
Jeffery Epstein
Club of Isles
Robert Vesco
Frank Terpil
Don Nixon jr
Sir Robert Allen Stanford
Patrick Moore
Rick Messina
Ron Burkle
Cynthia Beck
Allen Wieselberg
Matthew Callimari
And many many more!!!


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